Milestone Equities

280 Bowery

Branding a New York Classic

We created a complete identity for an iconic property at the center of New York’s ultra-hip Bowery. Our team developed a concept that conveyed a “Classic-Era New York” sensibility juxtaposed with the gritty urban aesthetic of this neighborhood. We delivered a completely integrated branding package that repositioned the building as a single-tenant headquarters opportunity, and we told the story through a branded book and mailing package that conveyed the potential of this one-of-a-kind address.

Milestone Equities
Red Leaf
Red Leaf
Derek Chan
Henry Wu
Rachelle Vagy

The Brand

We designed the logo for this building that was the foundation for a complete book and identity package. The full-service delivery included the design and delivery of all collateral including redesign of building and visualizations, site photography, floor plans, neighborhood map, copy-righting, and packaging and mailing out the door

Print Collateral and Branded Assets

Our team designed a book and mailer for marketing this project. In order to convey the elevated brand of this address mixed with the grittiness of the site, we chose materials for the book that included gold stamping and heavy-set gold paper paired with a toothy and unique potato-based paper.

Building and Retail Design

We sought to marry the emotion of America’s Classic Glamour Era with one of the most gritty and iconic architectural gems in the Bowery. Moreover, in close discussion with the retail broker, Newmark Retail (formerly RKF), we understood that this location could be ideal for a tech tenant headquarters. Our design therefore focused on the vibrancy of a future-looking tech tenant for the interior while drawing on the design-potential of the Roman-Revival details on the exterior.