JW Marriott Tampa

Capturing 5-Star Hospitality

Red Leaf worked closely with internationally renowned designers at Champalimaud Design for their project at JW Marriott Tampa. Our role in this project came in two parts. In the first phase, Champalimaud had working sketches and design materials; we collaborated closely with them closely to help define the best views for these sketches and refine finishes into their final iteration, down to the stitch. In the second phase, we worked directly with Strategic Property Partners to develop marketing images for additional areas at which the interior design would be open to vendor interpretation; for these areas, we lead styling and ultimately implementation of designed spaces that befit this modern 5-star hospitality portfolio.

Strategic Property Partners
Project Designers
Champalimaud Design
Tampa FL
Derek Chan
Janet Kim
Andy Liu
Oscar Obando
Chris Shusta
Henry Wu

Every Stitch Matters

Champalimaud Design’s brand is founded on its commitment to refinement in every inch of their designs. Red Leaf worked closely with their design team to ensure that every design detail was represented not only “correctly” but also set in the best possible light so as to showcase the luxury one can expect to experience. Every stitch, pattern, and texture in these places took time to design and, for us, that deserves time to be shown off in its best potential.

On Brand Interior Styling

We worked closely with Strategic Properties Partners and Marriott International to develop interior styling that spoke to their target hospitality audience – in this case a formal wedding reception for the ballroom and the perfect set up for a day-lit board meeting. For these two spaces, Champalimaud had already developed the interior finishes and most of the furniture selection; however, here as always, Red Leaf believes that every window to provide design input such as styling and final accessories appointment is an opportunity to imbue life into a space. For us, the more life a space has, the more real it becomes, and the more engaging the visuals become for the end consumer.